How Will Merchants be Affected?

We understand how vital it is to the livelihoods of our merchants that we do everything we can to ensure that they – and their customers and suppliers – have full access to their stores and businesses during the project and experience as little inconvenience as possible. The village will also be advertising and promoting that Chagrin Falls is open for business and still a great place to visit during the construction period.

Since the bridge will be open for the majority of the project, and since most of the work will be happening below the bridge, disruptions should be limited. We’re currently formulating plans to maintain foot traffic, deliveries, and parking throughout the construction and will be sharing more specific details soon.

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1. What’s Happening to the Bridge on North Main Street?
2. Why is the Construction Necessary? Why Now?
3. Who’s Doing the Work?
4. When Will Work Begin/How Long Will it Last?
5. How Will Traffic be Affected?
6. Will There be Any Changes to Access to Parking?
7. How Will Merchants be Affected?
8. How are the Fire and Police Departments Ensuring Safety During the Construction?
9. What Impact Might the Construction Have on Events Scheduled During the Construction?