Will There be Any Changes to Access to Parking?

Unfortunately, we will lose some on-street parking spaces near the construction area. We’ve offset this loss by leasing spaces in the Valley Lutheran parking lot located on East Orange Street, only a short walk to Main Street. 

Free all-day parking permits for these spaces are currently available for anyone employed in downtown Chagrin Falls. As the project progresses, we’ll continue to monitor parking needs in the downtown area and will work with our business community to find solutions.  We’re asking residents, primarily in the West Side Historical District, for their cooperation and understanding, as we anticipate there may be an increase in on-street parking during the construction project.

During the four 13-day occasions when the bridge is closed, there may be additional limitations or restrictions on parking in certain areas to allow for traffic flow. We’ll be sharing information on any changes to parking access as we near the times of the closures.

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6. Will There be Any Changes to Access to Parking?
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