When Will Work Begin/How Long Will it Last?

The construction project will officially begin on February 26, 2024, and will last until February of 2026. On four occasions during the approximately two-year-long project, the bridge will need to be closed for about 13 days (on each occasion). During those times, no automobile traffic will be permitted across the bridge, and pedestrian traffic will either be prohibited or restricted to certain times of the day for safety purposes.

The first of these closures is scheduled to occur around the first week of June 2024. We’ll be notified 30 days in advance of any total closures. At those times, temporary detour routes will be published, and road signs will be posted to inform motorists and residents of any changes in automobile or pedestrian traffic.

Before or around February 26, you can expect to see some plant removal around what will eventually become the construction site, and the county will begin marking areas where underground utilities are located. Then, in the early days of March, you’ll begin to see temporary signals and road signs being erected by the county along the streets near the construction zone that will alert motorists to any traffic pattern changes.

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4. When Will Work Begin/How Long Will it Last?
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