Who’s Doing the Work?

Cuyahoga County owns the bridge and is therefore responsible for maintaining it. Accordingly, it’s leading the restoration project. The Great Lakes Construction company has been contracted to carry out the construction. Both the County and Great Lakes will work with the village’s engineer to ensure the project meets all specifications and requirements. 

The total cost of the project is just over $8 million and is being paid for through county and federal funds, except for $1 million the village is responsible for to construct the wing walls, those vertical structures between the bridge and the manmade falls. 

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1. What’s Happening to the Bridge on North Main Street?
2. Why is the Construction Necessary? Why Now?
3. Who’s Doing the Work?
4. When Will Work Begin/How Long Will it Last?
5. How Will Traffic be Affected?
6. Will There be Any Changes to Access to Parking?
7. How Will Merchants be Affected?
8. How are the Fire and Police Departments Ensuring Safety During the Construction?
9. What Impact Might the Construction Have on Events Scheduled During the Construction?