Why is the Construction Necessary? Why Now?

Over the years, to uphold its structural integrity and appearance, the bridge has undergone routine maintenance and two rehabilitations (one in 1960, and another in 1980).

During normal inspections conducted several years ago, the bridge was rated as 4-Poor, according to recognized and formal industry standards. To clarify the meaning, there are no current weight limitations on the bridge, and no indications of any imminent safety issues to the public. However, the inspection did identify important deterioration trends on parts of the bridge that justify major rehabilitation to restore full structural strength for the long term. 

Some of the deficiencies include cracks in the concrete deck and sidewalks, exposed reinforcing and section loss, cracks and voids in the mortar joints and blocks of the stone arch, paint system failure, exposed bearings, and section loss to the sidewalk beams.

The project that’s starting now will take approximately 2 years and will last for the next 75 years of the Main Street Bridge’s life. There’s no question this project will present some inconveniences for Chagrin Falls residents and visitors to our community. However, there is no viable alternative but to take on this strategically important project now.

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1. What’s Happening to the Bridge on North Main Street?
2. Why is the Construction Necessary? Why Now?
3. Who’s Doing the Work?
4. When Will Work Begin/How Long Will it Last?
5. How Will Traffic be Affected?
6. Will There be Any Changes to Access to Parking?
7. How Will Merchants be Affected?
8. How are the Fire and Police Departments Ensuring Safety During the Construction?
9. What Impact Might the Construction Have on Events Scheduled During the Construction?