Maple Street Improvements


All components of the infrastructure of Maple Street need improvement.  The current 4-to-6-inch cast and ductile iron waterline dating to the early 1900’s is in poor condition which has resulted in 4-to-5 line and valve breaks and reduced hydrant flow.  The 8-inch and 15-inch sanitary sewer dating back to 1907-1908 has leaking joints, contributing to the inflow and infiltration of storm water into the sanitary sewer system.  Finally, the street surface is worn and at the end of its useable life.  

A multi-year project is proposed to improve all infrastructure on this street.  The majority of the design and engineering for this project was completed in 2022.  The waterline will be fully replaced to improve reliability and fire flows.  The sanitary sewer will be lined to reduce inflow and infiltration.  Private properties fronting Maple Street will receive an offer to line their sanitary sewer lateral lines at a discounted cost.  The storm sewer line will receive spot repairs in several sections.  And finally, the pavement will be resurfaced with the curbs and sidewalks repaired as needed as well.  It is anticipated that this work will be completed in 2023.

This project will continue progress on the Village’s long-term goal to have a 12” diameter water supply main in place the entire distance from the Solon Road booster station all the way to the water storage reservoir on East Washington Street.  Completion of the Maple Street project will get the Village to about 90-95% completion towards this goal.

The scope and cost of this project have increased since it was originally proposed in 2022.  The waterline replacement was extended from the end of Maple Street out to the edge of the Miles Road bridge, which is a 20% increase.  Sanitary sewer lining was extended from the end of Maple Street to Solon Road close to Hall Street.  Street paving was also then increased out to both the Miles Road bridge and to close to Hall Street over the utility areas.  Finally, there has been a significant doubling of cost of watermain replacement in the last 18 months.  

Project Advisory - January 19, 2024

The Maple Street Improvements Phase 1 project in the Village of Chagrin Falls is scheduled to start during the week of January 22, 2024, and is projected to be completed by May 31, 2024, weather permitting.  

This project involves replacement of infrastructure originally installed in the early 1900’s.  Replacement of the waterline and fire hydrants, replacement of the collapsed storm sewer line, and lining of the sanitary sewer line as well as the installation of clean-outs on the residential sanitary lateral lines are included.

The work zone primarily involves the intersection of Maple Street, Miles Road, and Solon Road encompassing the following: Maple Street starting at Church Street going west,  Miles Road at the bridge just west of the intersection going east, and Solon Road starting just north of Hall Street going north.  Through-traffic will be prohibited with local access only.  Access to the D.O. Summers business and all residential homes will be maintained, and if any driveway is temporarily blocked during the project, in-person notice from the contractor will be given.

A detour map is included with this project advisory.  Traffic entering and exiting Chagrin Falls will be detoured as follows:

-    Traffic entering Chagrin Falls detours eastbound onto Chagrin River Road, to eastbound Holbrook Road, and then northbound onto South Franklin Street.
-    Traffic exiting Chagrin Falls detours southbound onto South Frankin Street, to westbound Holbrook Road, and then westbound onto Chagrin River Road to Solon Road.

-    Traffic entering Chagrin Falls detours northbound onto Chagrin River Road to eastbound Chagrin Boulevard.
-    Traffic exiting Chagrin Falls detours westbound Chagrin Boulevard, to southbound Chagrin River Road to Miles Road.

-    Maple Street west of Church Street will be closed, with local access only. 
-    Maple Street east Church Street of the work zone will remain accessible.

Access to all side streets inside the boundaries of the detour route will be maintained.  

A construction notification from the contractor is being distributed to the properties within the work zone and immediate surrounding area.  See attached.  

We recognize the short notice for the start of this project.  The contractor for this project, Trax Construction, was able to mobilize quickly at the request of the Village to minimize the overlap of this project with the County’s North Main Street Bridge project. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to complete these improvements as quickly as possible.  As always, delays are possible due to inclement weather or other unforeseen operational issues.

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