West Cottage Street Wall Improvements


West Cottage Street wall improvements are part of the Grove Hill Park Improvements capital improvement project.  In 2023, capital funds are allocated for repair of the historical retaining wall along both West Cottage and North Main Streets. This work includes repair and partial replacement of the wall cap stones, repair of the mortar joints, and drainage repairs in and behind the wall. This will lay the foundation for further improvements above the wall in this park.  Further park development design and construction will be done in future years.

Project Advisory

October 20, 2023

The West Cottage Street wall improvement project in the Village of Chagrin Falls is projected to commence on October 26 or 27, 2023.  This project involves installing a new drainage system behind and in front of the retaining wall along the north side of West Cottage Street starting at North Main Street heading westbound.  Anthony Calabrese Construction, LLC is the contractor performing the work.

The new drainage system will greatly improve stormwater flow as it comes off of the slope to preserve the integrity of the wall and allow for proper drainage.  The slope area immediately above the retaining wall will be cleared of all brush and excavated to allow for the installation of new drainage pipe.  This area will be restored after construction, with new additional plantings to be installed in the spring of 2024.  A new drainage pipe will be installed along the edge of the roadway below the retaining wall as well.

During construction, the roadway will remain open, but minor traffic delays may be possible.  The project is expected to be completed within 3 weeks from time of start, weather-permitting.