Carriage Stone & Monticello Sidewalk Project


Residents in the Carriage Stone – Monticello neighborhood submitted a petition for the installation of sidewalks in this development. In 2023, the planning and engineering will commence for this project, starting with first identifying challenging sections of where a sidewalk may go followed by a public meeting with residents to present the sidewalk alignment and methods to address obstacles. If details can be completed with resident approval, construction would be planned for 2024.

08-10-2023:   Project Update

A Streets and Sidewalks Committee meeting was held on August 10, 2023 at 7 PM with residents of Carriage Stone Drive and Monticello Drive for the village administration to present the conceptual analysis of the idea of adding sidewalks to the neighborhood.  The presentation from this meeting is available here for reference or downloading.  This includes an overall preliminary layout of where sidewalks could be located throughout the neighborhood, as well as areas with challenging terrain that would be considered.  The sidewalk plans are shown in a segmented “a la carte” fashion with the estimated costs of each segment shown.  It is possible that sidewalks could be done in any combination of the segments shown, or none at all.  A survey will be sent in the near future to all affected property owners soliciting their opinions and feedback.  Survey feedback will be presented to village council for review and a decision made at a future public meeting on how to proceed with this project.