Willow/Locust/Lyndale Stormwater Improvements


Areas of the Willow/Locust/Lyndale watershed area have exhibited problems with flooding during severe rain events, including inside several homes and in several yards.  Preliminary analysis and storm flow modeling of the watershed has been completed and five separate improvement projects identified a solution to address the flooding and drainage problems in this area.

In 2023, it is proposed to continue work on engineering, design, plans creation, and identifying and pursuing land access easements for the project areas.  In addition, strong efforts will continue on pursuing grant applications.  The pursuit of grant funding for these improvements started in in 2022, with two applications now submitted.  The first application is for an Ohio E.P.A. 319 green infrastructure grant for $200,000 that was submitted in November 2022.  The second application is a pre-application for a Sustain Our Great Lakes grant in the amount of $750,000 for green infrastructure, with the final application due in April 2023.  Funding for both of these grants would be available after September 2023.  Final approvals, permitting, and construction would begin in 2024.  As stated earlier, these projects are a five-stage process that will extend over several years.