Capital Improvement Plan

The annual Capital Improvement Plan is a carefully constructed forecast of projects designed to make much-needed improvements to a variety of Village infrastructure.  The funding plan for these projects allows for significant improvements at a reasonable cost to the community. 

Each year the Village prepares for a robust, comprehensive capital improvement plan encompassing much-needed improvements to all areas of Village infrastructure such as streets, curbs, sidewalks, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water lines, park facilities, stormwater management, police and fire stations, wastewater treatment plant, etc.

Read the Capital Project Plan to obtain an over overview of each project included in the current capital plan.  Several of these projects are completed within the year and others are multi-year endeavors.  

Projects are categorized by three (3) priority levels in addition to a list of pending or “on-deck” projects that are upcoming for consideration but not yet in the funding plan. 

Learn more about specific projects.

Capital Projects Status Update

Read the 2023 Capital Projects Status Report which contains both detailed descriptions of each project as well as a financial report indicating the funds budgeted, encumbered, and amount spent to date.