Park Events

General Use of Public Parks

Village pubic areas, including the boardwalk to the falls, are not available for reservation rather may be generally used.  Small personal gatherings are welcome in the Village, including wedding related occasions, proposals, pictures, etc. Please be aware that the areas must remain open to the public and shall not block or exclude others from any area. 

Special Events in Public Parks

Special events held with public attendance within the parks require a park use approval by submitting a park event application and meet certain requirements for the activities to be demonstrated.  

Park event applications are first reviewed by the Parks Commission then presented to Council for final consideration and approval.  Timing is important as the Parks Commission only meets on  the first Wednesday  monthly, followed by a Council meeting the following Monday.  Applicants are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings.  

Download the Park event application

Park Event Application Information

  1. General Information
  2. Security Deposit
  3. Certificate of Insurance

1.    APPLICATION:  A sponsoring group or person interested in planning an event in a Village Park shall complete an application to be approved by the Parks Commission and Village Council at a public meeting.

2.    INSURANCE:  The sponsoring group or person will be required to provide a certificate of insurance showing general liability coverage of $1,000,000 during the event and naming the Village of Chagrin Falls as additionally insured.

3.    INFORMATION:  The application shall include all needed information and the Council, Police Chief, Fire Marshal or the Chief Administrator may set terms and conditions regarding these subjects:

  • type and name of event and proposed activity    
  • proposed advertising and directional signage
  • estimate of attendance
  • plans for waste collection and cleanup
  • day(s) and times of event 
  • noise to be generated, including music
  • map showing set-up of event
  • fire prevention, emergency calling and access
  • electrical requirements and plans
  • rest room facilities
  • plans for parking and traffic control

4.    DEPOSIT:  A minimum deposit of $500 must be submitted before the event to cover the cost of any possible damage to the Village park resulting from the event.  The deposit will be voided or returned once it is established that no damage has occurred.  If the cost of any damage repair exceeds the minimum deposit, the sponsoring group or person will be held responsible for the additional required expense. Excessive use of utilities, electricity and/or water, will be charged as necessary at the discretion of the Village. 

5.    DAMAGE:  Vehicles are prohibited from driving on the grass in all Village parks without the express consent of the Village Administration.  Damage to the parks, including tire ruts, will be charged at cost to the sponsoring group or person. No event activity should attach to, lean against or cause damage to any Village trees.  The Village Shade Tree Commission will have authority in permitting activities near trees.

6.    UTILITIES:  Applicant will use electrical connections as prescribed by the Chagrin Falls Service Department and water connections as prescribed by the Chagrin Falls Utilities Department. 

7.    SAFETY:  So as not to disrupt underground utilities, nothing may be inserted into the ground in the park grass, landscape beds or surrounding areas unless express consent is granted (i.e. tent stakes, signs, etc.).  Alcohol is not permitted in Village parks.