Mayor William Tomko, 2015William Tomko was elected to his first term as Chagrin Falls Mayor in the Fall of 2015. He took office on January 1, 2016. He can be contacted via email.

  • The Mayor is elected every 4 years, must be a resident and continue to be a resident throughout the term of office.
  • The Mayor is the CEO of the Village, supervises the administration and serves as the chief conservator of the peace
  • The Mayor acts in the best interest of the Village
  • The Mayor is the ceremonial head of the Village government
  • The Mayor executes contracts and manages finances with the Director of Finance
  • The Mayor has power to add and remove appointees and employees
  • The Mayor provides input regarding legislation to Council with no voting authority, yet has authority to object

Mayor Tomko maintains an active Facebook page to communicate with the public.