Utility Billing

Billing Schedule & Rates

Utility payments (water and sewer) are collected on a quarterly schedule, issued (4) four times a year at the beginning of each blling month; January, April, July and October.  Bills are sent via post or email depending on your preference. Sign up for billing email reminders

Late Payments & Penalties

Late payments are those not received by the payment due date. Payments postmarked by the due date but not yet received are considered late. Late payments incur a 10% penalty. Penalties are applied to unpaid balances.  

Payments can be made in person or online. Payments received by 8 am following the due date are considered on-time.

Penalty Notice
Penalty notices are mailed via post only (no email) promptly after the missed due date. Notices include: (1) previous balance, (2) penalty amount applied and (3) shut off date (if left unpaid).   Penalty notices are mailed at least 30 days prior to shut off date.

Shut-Off Deadline
To avoid termination of services, payments must be received in the office or online by 8 am on the 1st Wednesday of the shut off deadline months as noted above.  As a courtesy, the Village hangs red shut-off cards on the door of each unpaid utility bill customer the day before water is to be terminated.

Service Termination & Restoration
Unpaid bills result in termination of services/water shut-off.

To restore service, payment or payment arrangements must be made with the Utilities Clerk at Village Hall. In addition, an appointment must be made with the Utilities Department between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm and you must be present during the water restoration process. This ensures that no water damage will occur when water starts to flow again (i.e. no faucets left open).

Bills SentPayment Due 
Penalty Notice SentShut-Off Deadline by 8 amService Termination
JanuaryJanuary 31FebruaryMarch (1st Wed)March
AprilApril 30MayJune (1st Wed)June
JulyJuly 31AugustSept (1st Wed)September
OctoberOctober 31NovemberDec (1st Wed)December