Water Disruption Information

Water Main Break notice key

Water disruption as a result of main breaks, construction or equipment malfunctions, happens from time to time in Chagrin Falls. Affected homes are notified by placement of a red card on the front door to indicate a boil advisory is in effect. Green door cards are placed to notify all is clear. Water line construction can also result in water being scheduled for turn off, which results in a boil advisory once water is restored. 

Current water disruption notices

  1. Water Main Break Steps
  2. Boil Advisory Instructions
  3. Nearby Disrupted Water Lines 

Water disruptions caused by main breaks or equipment malfunctions happen from time to time in Chagrin Falls. For some homes, water is disabled during repairs and restored upon completion.  Affected homes are then notified of a boil advisory by placement of a red card on the front door.  Green door cards are placed to provide notice that boil advisory has been lifted and the water is all clear for normal use including drinking.

Step 1 - Water Off

  • Water is disabled for repairs to the water line.
  • Repairs will continue until water is restored.

Step 2 - Water Restored + Boil Advisory 

  • Water is restored and a temporary boil advisory in effect until water test returns all clear. 
  • Red door card placed on front door of affected homes to indicate boil advisory in effect.

Step 3 - Water All Clear + Boil Advisory Lifted

  • Resume water use as per normal.
  • Green door card placed on front door to indicate boil advisory lifted.