Street / Berm Repair

Streets are a main component of the infrastructure in the Village. Properly constructed and maintained roads allow for safe travel and proper drainage, as well as enhance the esthetics of the community.

The Village of Chagrin Falls provides maintenance of the following:

  • 9 miles of roadside ditches
  • 10 miles of curbed roadway
  • 78 streets within the Chagrin Falls area
  • Approximately 35 total lane miles of roadway, with 20.5 center-line miles of roadway

In order to maintain this pavement network, the Street Department performs a variety of pavement maintenance activities including the following:

Asphalt Repair

This process involves grinding out or cleaning out the deteriorated section of pavement and repairing it by tack coating the hole, filling it with hot asphalt mix, compacting the asphalt, and sealing the edge of the patch with rubberized sealant.

Concrete Repair

This process involves digging out the failed section of concrete and replacing it with either new concrete or hot asphalt mix, depending on the situation.

Concrete Curb Repair

The faulty section of curb is dug out, the hole formed up, and a new concrete curb is poured in its place.

Crack Sealing

Cracks in both asphalt and concrete are cleaned out using compressed air, then rubberized asphalt sealant material is applied to seal the crack and prevent moisture from entering the base of the road. An anti-tracking material is sprayed over the fresh sealant to prevent tracking from vehicles. Crack sealing is recognized as the most cost-effective pavement maintenance treatment.

Watch the process in action:

Pothole Patching

Potholes that pop up during Winter months are swept clean, then filled using cold patch material and then compacted.

Berm/Shoulder Repair

On streets with no curbs, roadway berms provide support for paved surfaces as well as keeping the road base intact. As holes, sunken areas, and soft spots appear in roadway berms, new asphalt grinding or stone material is added up to grade, then compacted to enhance longevity.

If you notice a pothole or a problem with a street, Report a Concern.