Snow & Ice Control

Two snow plows in tandem plowing a street.The Street Department maintains a total of 83 streets in 2 ½ square miles. The goal is to remove snow and ice from roadways and other village property during winter storms, in a cost effective and efficient manner, with the resources at its disposal, to ensure the highest level of safety for motorists and pedestrians.

Homeowners & Contractors

Avoid placing snow from driveways and sidewalks into the roadway as a result of residential plowing, shoveling and blowing snow. Piles of snow in the street create dangerous obstacles for motorists and plow trucks. Responsible parties could be subject to a possible citation.

Mailbox Damage

In some cases, mailboxes are affected by the snow removal process. Download the Village Mailbox Replacement Policy - 2020 (PDF).

  • Mailboxes damaged by direct contact with a plow vehicle or plow blade while performing snow removal operations will be replaced with a standard USPS mailbox.
  • Mailboxes damaged by snow or slush throw are the responsibility of the homeowner, the Village of is not responsible for repairs or replacements.

Restricted Night Operations

During the hours of 11 pm and 4 am, snow and ice control operations are limited due to limited traffic. Operations such as salting and plowing generally resume during these hours with severe icing or extreme snowfall of 1 inch or more per hour and a total of 4 inches or greater accumulation.

Curbside Trash Can Placement

Place cans on the side of your driveway. Do not place cans in the roadway as they are hazardous to motorists and snowplows.