Notice as of January 23, 2023

Pursuant to a motion passed by Village Council, effective January 24, 2023, the Village Administration has placed a temporary hold on the sale of pre-need full body interment graves until February 27, 2023.  A list of residents interested in pre-need graves will be kept in which to be contacted when additional full-body interment gravesites are available.  During this time, this type of grave will only be sold to residents with an immediate need.  Contact Cemetery Sexton, Rob Arnold, at 440-247-1158 or Email Rob Arnold if you have any inquiries.


Evergreen Hill Cemetery is maintained and operated by the Village with the Cemetery Sexton working with families for all pre-planning and immediate needs.  

The Cemetery Commission makes recommendations to Council concerning the care and development of Evergreen Cemetery.  The cemetery is a member of both the Cleveland Cemetery Association and the Ohio Cemetery Association. The Civil War Memorial can be found in the north end of the cemetery and is the site of the annual Memorial Day Service.

Responsibilities of Cemetery Staff

  • Assist families with funeral arrangements
  • Sell, prepare and coordinate burials
  • Prepare foundations for placing monuments
  • Respond to requests, concerns, inquiries and/or complaints
  • Grounds and property maintenance
  • Follow Village policies and procedures

Additional Information